Will you be selling tickets at the door?​
Yes.​ Prices will be higher than the advance online price. Day passes and weekend passes available onsite. July 23 is the last day to purchase tickets online.

Is there a train?
Yes Amtrak to Northampton from points north and south. Amtrak.com

Is there local swimming?
Yes. ​One local swimming hole a 10 minute walk from campus and others nearby.

What should I bring? ​
A Yoga Mat, a Blanket, Some Layers, Umbrella, Water and a Smile!

What is Low Waste Festival?
It means, don’t bring much. What you do bring, take home. And what you do use, use less. Bring containers and bottles. We will not be using plastic and all food is served on compostable ware.

Are there other options than camping?
Yes. Air conditioned dorms on site and available through online registration. Local Airbnb rentals and hotels are plentiful in the Pioneer Valley.

Is there Air Conditioning?
Yes the barn and dorms are heat controlled.

Can I bring my dog?
We love dogs but please leave yours at home unless it is a service animal.

Where are we camping?​
Tent camping is located under large trees, shaded near the tent.

No fireworks, excessively loud music or unapproved vending are permitted at campsites.

Can I make a campfire?​
No.​ Fire pits, campfires, and all open flames are prohibited anywhere on site.

Are there showers on site?​
Yes.​ The Robert Crown Center will be open from 6:30-9:30 each morning for campers only. Dorms have shared bathrooms with showers.

Will there be bathrooms and running water?​
Yes. ​The bathrooms with running water are located in the Library, Dining Hall, Dorms, and Sports Center.

Will you be serving food?​
​Yes!​ We have set meal times, food is available for purchase in advance at registration on blessfest.org There are also food vendors on site, a local Whole Foods nearby and campus cafe. Vendors include coffee, tea, smoothies and treats.

Can I bring my own food?​
Yes.​ Feel free to bring whatever food and drink your heart desires with you to your campsite. Your personal food and drink is not allowed i​nto the barn. Small propane stoves are NOT permitted in the campgrounds.

Can I bring in drugs or alcohol?​
No, ​this is a drug and alcohol free event.

If I don’t have a tent, can I sleep in my car?
No​, sorry.

Can I bring my RV?
Yes. ​Please email us at blessfest108@gmail.com

Will we have access to our car?​
Yes.​ You will be able to come and go as you please to get more supplies.

Will there be electric outlets to charge my phone?​
Yes. ​Dorms, Dining Hall and campus buildings have outlets

Will there be security?​
Yes. ​Event staff will be present in and around the grounds the entire weekend. There is also general campus security.

Where is the lost and found?​
All found items will be returned to the registration tent.

Can we take pictures within the festival grounds?​
Yes.​ Photography is allowed.

Can I bring my children?
Yes, Children’s rates are available both online and onsite. However there is no children’s program, so parents are responsible for their children.

What am I forgetting?​
Remember your ticket, sunscreen, a sleeping bag, cash money, sunglasses, your party shirt, a portable phone charger, bottled water, trash bags, your toothbrush, bug spray.