Are there pets allowed?2019-01-28T11:45:21-05:00

No. Pets of any kind are not allowed at the event, but service animals are welcome.

Where is the closest ATM?2019-01-28T11:45:01-05:00

Speedway on 1825 Columbia Turnpike, Castleton-On-Hudson, NY 12033 is 1 mile away.

Where is the closest gas station?2019-01-28T11:44:37-05:00

Speedway on 1825 Columbia Turnpike, Castleton-On-Hudson, NY 12033 is 1 mile away.

Can we take pictures within the festival grounds?2019-01-28T11:44:18-05:00

Yes. Photography is allowed.

Where is the lost and found?2019-01-28T11:43:50-05:00

All found items will be returned to the Check-In area. Check there first.

Will there be security?2019-01-28T11:43:32-05:00

Yes. Event staff will be present in and around the grounds the entire weekend.

Will there be electric outlets to charge my phone?2019-01-28T11:43:13-05:00

Yes. There will be designated stations to charge your cell phones in the Lodge.

Will we have access to our car?2019-01-28T11:42:52-05:00

Yes. You will be able to come and go as you please to get more supplies.

If I don’t have a tent, can I sleep in my car?2019-01-28T11:42:31-05:00

No, sorry.

Can I bring food/beverages and chairs/coolers into the camp area?2019-01-28T11:41:38-05:00

Yes, but not in the concert and workshop area. No glass bottles, open fires, fireworks, excessively loud music or unapproved vending are permitted at the event.

Can I bring in drugs or alcohol?2019-01-28T11:41:17-05:00

No, this is a drug- and alcohol-free event.

Will there be bathrooms and running water?2019-01-28T11:40:59-05:00

Yes. The bathrooms with running water are located in The Lodge. Port-o-potties are also available.

Are there showers on site?2019-01-28T11:40:39-05:00

Yes. For a small fee you can access the two showers located in The Lodge for a small period of time. Bring your towel.

Where are we camping?2019-01-28T11:34:50-05:00

Tent camping is located adjacent to the Lodge and in the Vineyard.

Do we have to camp?2019-01-28T11:34:02-05:00

Definitely Not! There are hotels nearby.

Can I bring my own food?2019-01-28T11:33:43-05:00

Yes. Feel free to bring whatever food and drink your heart desires with you to your campsite. Your personal food and drink is not allowed into the venue areas. Small propane stoves are NOT permitted in the campgrounds

Will there be food on site?2019-01-28T11:33:23-05:00

Yes! There will be six amazing vegetarian meals served at set times throughout the day in the main dining hall. Meals are to be purchased at the same time you register for the festival. There will also be an herbal elixir bar and delcious raw food dessert bar with items for purchase, as well as a general store offering healthy light snacks also for purchase using cash or credit card.

What is No-Waste Festival?2019-01-28T11:32:46-05:00

It means don’t bring too much stuff. What you do bring, take home. And what you do use, use less. Bring containers for water as we are trying to avoid plastic. We will be offering flatware and silverware so please be prepared to do your part.

What are the kids workshops?2019-01-28T11:32:22-05:00

There will be three kids workshops daily for children 5-14. These workshops will be held during the same time as the adult programming. Kids will be engaged in fun conscientious games and yoga led by an experienced children’s programmer.

What should I bring?2019-01-28T11:31:11-05:00

A cushion for sitting, a yoga mat, a sleeping bag and tent if camping, your precious heart, summer clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a portable phone charger, reusable water bottle, toothbrush, bug/ tick spray, your voice for singing and your feet for dancing!

Can I be a volunteer at BlessFest?2019-01-28T11:30:46-05:00

Yes! Almost every aspect of BlessFest is fueled by our volunteer community. We Serve the festival goers, serve the artists and teachers, serve the property owners and the land; the reward is so much more than just a free ticket. As a volunteer, you can lend your talents to help create the environment and Bhav that will set the tone for this first year of BlessFest and beyond. Volunteering is a fantastic way to serve, express yourself, make some amazing new friends and be an integral part of creating Bless Fest as an efficient, loving environment that honors all people and the earth.


Available positions:
Pre/Post event Volunteers (12 to 18 hrs)
Graphic Design
Breakdown and CleanUp


On-site volunteers will work a half day shift (6 hrs) and receive the other half day free to enjoy all music and activities.

Can I be a vendor at BlessFest?2019-01-28T11:30:05-05:00

Yes. All vendor requests should be sent to Val Feldman at valerie.b.feldman@gmail.com.

Will this happen rain or shine?2019-01-28T11:28:46-05:00

YES! In case of severe weather activities can all be moved indoors.

Will there be photos and videos?2019-01-28T11:28:27-05:00

YES! We allow photos and videos and we cannot control the sharing of these images. If you don not want to be photographed please speak with a staff member and we will do our best to assign you a spot where there is no photography.

Will single day tickets be available?2019-01-28T11:28:05-05:00

Yes. Single day passes are currently available for Saturday or Sunday.