Blessfest was born BlessFest was born because community is healing and music is healing and singing together is healing and trees and the earth are healing and sacred arts are healing and good food is healing and love between humans is healing.

We live in an industrial and digital age where real communities and real communion is no longer common place. This breakdown of interdependence and good association and shared meaningful ritual has lead to some of the alienation and grief we all share. BlessFest believes we not only need authentic communion and community to survive and thrive but we require it.

To this end each summer in July BlessFest hosts a weekend gathering in New England were we join together steeped in nature and devotional practices. Through various sacred healing arts and singing together with our opening voices we will come home to the great mystery.

This year BlessFest is happy to announce we will be sponsoring 5 or 6 Mohicans tribe members, including Shawan Stevens who joined us last year, to share their amazing offerings with us. The Mohicans come from western MA and Eastern NY state and were forced west over 200 years ago to resettle on a reservation in Wisconsin. We are so honored they will be joining us from the reservation in Wisconsin with their essential, powerful messages and healing ways.